Army Selection

Armies must be must be chosen from one of the current, official Kings of War army lists published by Mantic Games. This includes Kings of War 2nd Edition, Kings of War: Uncharted Empires, Kings of War Historical, or Twilight Kin (PDF on Mantic's site). No beta lists. Army size is 2500 points maximum. Players must use the most recent FAQ at all times. Clash of Kings rules apply.

  • Special characters are allowed.
  • Allies are allowed.
  • Armies should be modeled as close to "what you see is what you get" as possible (WYSIWYG). It is understood that not every Kings of War army has models from Mantic. Whatever you use should clearly represent what you are playing them as.
  • Monsters should be played on either a 50 mm x 50 mm base or a 50 mm x 100 mm base.

Army must be chosen prior to game 1. After your first game is played, you may no longer change your army selection.

Scheduling Games

Each member is responsible for arranging games using all available means, including email and phone numbers. Games must be played at a mutually agreeable venue. In the event that one or both players cannot reach consensus, provided is a list of SCGWL approved neutral locations (in alphabetical order). Both players are expected to accept these venues as a reasonable alternative.

8990 Miramar Rd #140
T: 858.549.4263

12188 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove, CA 92840
T: 714.636.3580

23811 Bridger #100, Lake Forest, CA 92630
T: 949.951.9668

1795 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106
T: 626.304.9333

8300 Limonite Ave, Ste F, Riverside, CA 92509
T: 951.681.8270

1033 E Imperial Hwy, Ste E3, Brea, CA 92821
T: 714.990.8450

In the event that your opponent has proven unable or unwilling to complete the game in a reasonable time, it is your responsibility to submit Battle Results to record the forfeit. Contact the League regarding any extenuating circumstances preventing game play. MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO RESPOND TO CALLS AND MESSAGES FROM OTHER MEMBERS, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT A GAME CAN BE PLAYED.

Playing the Game

Army lists must be created online prior to arrival at the agreed venue. You must use to create your list. (A link can also be found on our website navigation menu.) A copy must be printed for your opponent to review prior to the start of the game. You should also have a copy for yourself in either paper or electronic form. Handwritten lists and lists built using alternative programs (i.e. Army Builder) are not allowed. All League games are considered to be “open list” in order to reduce confusion and prevent unintentional misrepresentation of elements of either player’s army. Any evidence of misrepresentation of army lists will be grounds for disciplinary action.

Terrain Placement

Terrain should be placed on the table in the following manner:

Divide the table into quarters. Players then take turns generating terrain from the table below. Each player must place one terrain item in each quarter, resulting in two terrain items per quarter. Eight pieces of terrain should be placed. A single player may only place 1 terrain item into each quarter.

In line with Mantic’s suggestion, do not put the terrain around the table edges, creating an empty killing field in the middle. Spread the terrain across the whole table. It is suggested to place some blocking or difficult items just off center. Also, avoid always placing hills in deployment areas.

2D6 Type Height
2-3 Obstacles – fences, hedges, walls, etc.  1
4-5  Difficult terrain – blocks Line of Sight – forests, woods, etc. 4
6 Blocking terrain – buildings, etc. 3
7  Player's Choice
8 Difficult terrain – blocks Line of Sight – ruins, etc 2
9-10 Hills 2*
11-12 Difficult terrain – doesn’t block Line of Sight - marshland, water features, etc. 0

*Height 2 hills override the FAQ (1.3).

Scenario Selection

Scenarios are to be chosen out of Clash of Kings. If a D12 is not available, use the method described in Clash of Kings to choose a scenario from the list using a D6.


Players choose one territory from each tier prior to the start of the season. Territories may only be taken on units (not monsters, warmachines, or heroes) and modified for League use. Special thank you to the original creators and tournament organizers for allowing us to use them.

Tier One

Territory Description
Battle Hardened  +2 Attack
Dread  Enemy units within 6” of unit with this rule cannot gain the benefits of Inspiring
Incredibly Brave Gain +2/+2 Nerve
Big Shield Unit gains Defense 6 to the front
Very Swift Unit gains Speed +2 (maximum 10)
Trail Blazer Unit gains Pathfinder; if unit already possesses Pathfinder, it gains Strider
Insane Unit becomes unwaverable -/+ Nerve

Tier two

Territory Description
Amazing  +2 Attack
Solid  +1 Defense (maximum 5)
Heroic Gain Inspiring or upgrade Inspiring to Very Inspiring
Ever Stalwart Your Defense is never worse than 4+
Death Knell After suffering 5 wounds (even if healed), gain Rally 2
Expendable 1 troop may ignore the first waver result.

Battle Results

Players score six (6) points for a win, three (3) points for a draw, and one (1) point for a loss. Sportsmanship and composition are both reported on a four-point scale with four (4) indicating a great game and one (1) indicating major issues.

BOTH PLAYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUBMITTING BATTLE RESULTS ONLINE AFTER GAME COMPLETION ( Failure to submit scores will result in point modification. Difficulties reporting a game via the website must be referred immediately to the commissioner via email:

  • Victory: Determined by the scenario played, as listed in the main rule book.
  • Sportsmanship & Composition: Required in order to calculate overall scores, which determine playoff eligibility. In the event that you feel a player either behaved poorly or brought an unreasonably unfair army, use your Battle Results submission to report and explain the issue. The commissioner will contact the player(s) as needed.

If one or both players fail to schedule properly or your opponent has proven unable or unwilling to complete the game, it is your responsibility to submit Battle Results to record the forfeit prior to the season ending. Forfeit scores are assigned at the discretion of the commissioner as outlined under the Score Guidelines.

Players have ALL SEASON to play a game and report the scores. If a game cannot be played in the designated game week, feel free to find another day that will work. Game Days with a tournament setting can be used to facilitate your League game. Please inform the event host prior to Round 1 pairings being announced.

Scoring Guidelines

When submitting Battle Results, each player reports sportsmanship and composition scores for their opponent. Not only do these ‘soft scores’ assist in keeping the commissioner apprised of any issues, they contribute to each player’s overall scores. Overall scores are used to determine playoff spots.

Points Description
4 Great Game / Soft List
3 Good Game / Competitive List
2 Okay Game / Rough List
1 Awful Game / Awful List

Sportsmanship and composition scores are on a four-point scale, with three being the standard (expected) score. Awarding three points means you had a good game and your opponent's army was solid/competitive. Awarding four points means that your opponent brought the fluffiest bunny list possible with lots of rainbows and butterflies to make it extra fun; your game together was the most amazing experience ever and you'd love to play that person often. Awarding one or two points in either category indicates you had a negative experience in some way.

It is important to report scores as accurately as possible. If the list your opponent brought wasn't fluffy bunnies with a side of rainbows and butterflies, we suggest not awarding four points. Consider the level of awesomeness your game was. Was the experience really the best game ever?

Note: Any actual acts of violence against any person or property during or resulting from any League game will be grounds for permanent dismissal from the League.

Forfeit scores and scores not reported:

Description Points Conditions
Forfeit Win 6 Forfeit on other players part, no extenuating circumstances reported
Forfeit Loss 1 Forfeit on your part, no extenuating circumstances reported
Forfeit Draw 3 Forfeit for one or both players, extenuating circumstances reports
Game Not Reported -7 One player reports scores and the other doesn't. Player who doesn’t report earns the deduction.
Filler Points 3 Sportsmanship and Composition filler points for forfeit games and scores not reported.

If both players fail to report scores, no points will be assigned to either member in any category. Willful use of reporting infractions or forfeits as a means of retaliation will be grounds for expulsion from the League.


Playoff spots are generally designated to the top eight players of the season based upon overall scores. To qualify for playoffs, players must play at least six games. In the event someone is in the top eight and did not play at least six games, another player will be chosen to fill the playoff spot. Players with the most games actually played will be given priority for playoffs despite overall scores as long as battle points indicate they are in the top 50% of League (win record).


League Leadership consists of the following people:

  • Commissioner & Rule Calls: Mike Riley
  • Coordinator: Karin Riley


Membership dues are $20 and should be submitted at the BBQ, before the draft. Cash, check, and credit/debit will be accepted at the BBQ. Anyone who cannot attend the BBQ should pay dues online. The League is utilizing PayPal for dues. No PayPal account is required. Contact us if you have any issues paying online.

Please complete the Membership Registration Form to ensure you are properly added to our membership roster.

League Dues: $20 (PayPal)

League membership dues assist in funding the BBQ, purchasing the trophies for the season, and keeping the website up and running. They can also be used for purchasing additional terrain, tabletops, and supplies for League events, as well as for fundraising items and other member goodies.


League membership is opened up at the beginning/end of each season. Near the end of the season, the Commissioner will announce the BBQ date, location, and any additional information. Anyone considering joining or returning to the League is highly encouraged to attend.

The final championship game will be held at the BBQ. Feel free to bring your models - open gaming is encouraged. The event lasts all day and everyone is welcome to arrive and leave at any time. Trophies will be awarded and we will begin discussing the new season, etc. The League will provide burgers/hot dogs, some drinks, and other basics for the BBQ. Everyone is asked to bring a potluck item to share (i.e. chips, dip, soda, desserts, chili, fruit, etc). It's your pick of what tasty treat you'd like to bring to share, but we do ask that you bring something. This helps us keep the dues low.