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See SCGWL Rules 2017.

Terrain Placement

Terrain should be placed on the table in the following manner:

Divide the table into quarters. Players then take turns generating terrain from the table below. Each player must place one terrain item in each quarter, resulting in two terrain items per quarter. Eight pieces of terrain should be placed. A single player may only place 1 terrain item into each quarter.

In line with Mantic’s suggestion, do not put the terrain around the table edges, creating an empty killing field in the middle. Spread the terrain across the whole table. It is suggested to place some blocking or difficult items just off center. Also, avoid always placing hills in deployment areas.

2D6 Type Height
2-3 Obstacles – fences, hedges, walls, etc.  1
4-5  Difficult terrain – blocks Line of Sight – forests, woods, etc. 4
6 Blocking terrain – buildings, etc. 3
7  Player's Choice
8 Difficult terrain – blocks Line of Sight – ruins, etc 2
9-10 Hills 2*
11-12 Difficult terrain – doesn’t block Line of Sight - marshland, water features, etc. 0

*Height 2 hills override the FAQ (1.3).