Slaughter Player Packs


Complete the Registration Form below to register for the December Slaughter. If you have any issues submitting the form please contact us at There is no registration fee for December. Instead, please bring a toy or buy something from At Ease Games to donate to the toy drive.

Registration Form

Fill out my online form.
Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

Schedule & Scenarios

A schedule and scenarios will be included in the player pack.

Please note, unlike previous events, lunch will only be provided if 20 or more players register.

General Rules & Player Conduct

SCGWL Fantasy is dedicated to bringing Kings of War enthusiasts together in a positive manner, promoting good sportsmanship and positive gameplay. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the tournament (and store). Treat your fellow competitors and any other store guests or staff with respect. Event organizers and At Ease Games staff reserve the right to tell players to leave.

Players are responsible for supplying everything they need for a typical Kings of War game. This includes dice, a tape measure, objective markers, rulebook, etc. Please be respectful of others and exercise proper hygiene at the tournament.

Slaughter will be a three-round tournament, with a play length of 120 minutes. Each game is expected to consist of five to seven turns. A 30-minute warning and a 10-minute warning will be called near the end of the game. Players will play until the bottom of their current turn, with no more turns to be started. For this tournament, scenarios supersede the rulebook as needed.

The first two rounds of pairings will be determined at random by event coordinators. All subsequent pairings will be determined by battle points.

Additional information:

  • Kings of War, 2nd Edition rules will be used for 2017. The most up-to-date Mantic FAQs and Clash of Kings will be enforced.
  • Special characters are allowed.
  • Allies are allowed.
  • Armies must be chosen out of Kings of War, 2ndEdition, Uncharted Empires, or Historical. Twilight Kin, which is posted on the Mantic Games website, are allowed.
  • All army sizes are 2500 points per person.
  • Army lists must be created via No exceptions. This is an open list event. The same army list must be used for every round.
  • Armies are not required to be fully painted, although it is encouraged. Painted armies will receive a painting score, which will contribute to the player's overall score.
  • All models must be fully assembled. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is required.


The terrain on the table is fixed and should be used as it is pre-placed for them. The following heights are based upon the current Mantic FAQ (1.3) and are subject to change:

Type Height
Blocking terrain – i.e. Buildings 3
Difficult terrain – doesn’t block Line of Sight - marshland, water features, etc. 0*
Difficult terrain – blocks Line of Sight – ruins, etc. 2
Difficult terrain – blocks Line of Sight – forests, woods, etc. 4
Obstacles – fences, hedges, walls, etc. 1
Hills 2

If there is any question as to what a given terrain piece represents, please discuss it before the game and/or ask a judge.


Painting will be scored as listed in the player pack.


4 - Soft list. Not designed to be very competitive. Fun to play against.
3 - Standard, competitive list. (We expect most games to fall in this category)
2 - Rough, competitive list. Designed to win, but not in a ‘broken’ manner.
1 - Awful! Designed to win only. Not fun to play against whatsoever.


4 - Great game! Great player. Had fun, no issues.
3 - Average game. No major issues. (We expect most games to fall in this category)
2 - Not fun. Several issues arose. Really prefer not to play this person ever again.
1 - Awful! I never want to play this person again. This person should not be participating in this tournament.

Battle Points

After each battle, calculate your Victory Points (VP), including Scenario based VP, and calculate your margin of victory. Victory Points are scored per the main rulebook unless noted otherwise with the scenario. Add any scenario based bonus points and submit your score cards to the score keeper.