Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the members typically located?

We have members from all over Southern California. It varies by season how many people we have in various counties. Over the last two years we’ve had members from the following counties: Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Long Beach.

How are members paired for games?

We make an effort to organize pairings by location. We want people to be able to play. For most of the season members play people within minimal driving distance. We will pair a couple of games further away so you can play other people outside of your local circle, but we try to be fair with that and not have the drive be too outrageous. If you cannot travel, you can let us know and we’ll work on your pairings.

Disclaimer: if you live far away from everyone in general, you may have to drive a bit regardless of how close we can pair your games to you.

When and where are games played?

Members are paired and organized into “game weeks.” Before or during the specified game week, opponents contact each other to determine a date, time, and location. A game can be played at any agreeable location, whether it be a game store or someone’s home.

How much travel is required?

As mentioned, we try to keep things as local as possible so minimal travel is required. The actual amount of travel is based on your starting location and how many other players are in your area. We do our best to limit things so no one is driving from the mountains to the beach.

Are there painting or modeling requirements?

Other than WYSIWYG, there are no other requirements for general League play.

Game days are new. Where will they be held?

SCGWL is making an effort to host a game day each month. The locations and specific dates will vary. Members will be given notice.

What’s going on with territories?

While the League utilized territories (SCGWL specific items that give a player special abilities) in the past, the ones we had are not compatible with Kings of War. We are taking suggestions for future territories and scenarios, but nothing special is being used at this time.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Contact us via the website home page or send us an email.